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Can You Have Negative Effects From Using E Cigs


With all of the promoting of electronic cigarettes going on everywhere, to be completely responsible you also have to report on any of the negative sides of e cigs. There aren’t many and most of them are minor, but people still need to be informed.

I recently found a very informative article on a blog that is maintained by V-2, one of the most reputable e cigarette companies in the business. It discusses what effects can be experienced by some new e cig users.

epipescigarsWhen a person stops smoking tobacco and begins using an electronic cigarette replacement, there will sometimes for some people be things like coughing, hoarseness, etc. None of these issues are serious and usually go away within a few days or a few weeks. These effects can also be experienced by e pipe and e cigar users as well. The V-2 article also suggests that you see your doctor if the problems persist or get serious.

The article states that many of the minor issues you experience can be a direct result of eliminating the tobacco smoke and the many hazardous chemicals it contains rather than anything from the e cigarette itself.

I also found this very interesting video made by an e cig reviewer that conducted his own study as to why some people cough with e cigs and some don’t. Take a look and see what you think of the conclusions he came up with.

Today, many doctors are recommending electronic cigarette to their patients that can’t seem to stop smoking any other way or as an alternative to those that just don’t want to quit puffing! If you’re still smoking tobacco, ask your doctor about using an e cigarette instead and if you experience any negative effects, you can consult with him or her about how deal with it.