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What E Cig Accesories Do You Need?


Starter kits can range in prices normally from about $59.95 on up to $120.00 or so. How much you pay for a starter kit can depend on where you purchase your kit or how many supplies and accessories the kit contains. Different vapors sometimes need different supplies. A charging option that one person might use may not be needed by another.

my7chargeboxSometimes you can get a great deal when you buy one of the larger kits that come with a variety of chargers. If you stay on the go a lot you will definitely want a car charger and maybe a charging box. You actually charge up the box, take it with you and keep your e cig batteries inside keeping them charged all the while.


There are also power cigs that some companies offer, like the V-2 company. You can sit at you laptop or computer and keep the corded power cig plugged in to a constant source of power and it won’t run down! Excellent option for desk workers and it can be used the same way when connected to your car charger!

greensmokecartsSome kits come with more cartridges or cartomizers. Some kits might come with e liquid in a bottle both of which you need. You won’t need as many cartomizers if you have e liquid to refill them with. Most companies offer cartomizers in bundle deals, the more packages you buy, the cheaper they are!

If you are confused at all about what supplies you will really need in your starter kit or to purchase extra, talking to a well informed customer service rep at the company you choose can be very helpful. You tell them how much you are accustomed to smoking in tobacco cigarettes a day and they can calculate that into how e cigarette cartomizers you will need per day. You tell them what you usual lifestyle is and they can help you decide which accessories you need! That’s what e cig customer service reps are for!