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E Cigarette Marketing Under Fire Again

sbsadPersonally, I don’t see anything about the ad above that looks like it’s marketed towards kids. Adult males maybe or the sophisticated woman, but not kids. In fact, of all the ads I looked at on line and what I have witnessed on TV, no e cigarette ads look like they are trying to entice kids.

For some time now the way electronic cigarettes and other vaping products are marketed has been being scrutinized, especially by some senators. According to a new article posted in Forbes, five senators that have been some of the most vocal leaders in the forefront of strictly limiting the way e cigarettes can be marketed are at it again.

Senators Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), and Edward Markey (D-Mass.) have now introduced legislation that is supposed to protect children from seeing and hearing certain things about e cigs. Some might even call their proposals unconstitutional according to the Forbes post.

It’s actually similar to the same song and dance that has been bandied about before concerning e cigarette marketing. Advertising flavors or using celebrities in ads have been scrutinized  before, but this latest legislation proposal goes even further to include:

Do not run glossy ads; matte finish is acceptable.

Do not use cartoon characters.

 Do not sponsor music festivals or sporting events.

cocacolapolarbearsI can see how this might be considered unconstitutional according to the Forbes article.  When soda products use cartoons like the warm and fuzzy polar bears, sports and movie celebrities and advertise during sporting events all of  the time, can’t these ads be just as harmful to children when we all now know that soda products are one of the largest contributing factors to childhood obesity?

ronaldmcdonaldWhat about fast food advertisements and junk food products sold in grocery stores that are high in fat, calories, sugar, salt, artificial ingredients and cancer causing dyes? These products are without a doubt marketed directly to children and these product ads are not having  restrictions placed on them.

Then there are alcohol products which has become a huge concern with teenage drinking. These products are allowed to be advertised during sporting events, use celebrities and use glossy magazine adds without a second glance. They use animals like the Clydesdale horses, talking frogs and cute dogs in their advertising that surely appeal to kids that love animals. Should they not be allowed to use animals just because kids like animals too? It’s a little ridiculous to think of really.








What it boils down to is that it appears that electronic cigarettes are being singled out by these senators when there are other products being marketed that could influence kids to use them just as easily.  That’s just my opinion and like all things in general, everybody has one.