Like tobacco… but better

E Cigars For Cigar Smokers

ecigarsFor some folks there is just nothing like a great cigar. They can take them pretty seriously because they usually sit down with one and relax with it for a while. Since the dawn of the electronic vaping products, many cigar smokers have decided to give the electronic version a try. Check out the video below of a review I found on a great e cigar.

Smoking real tobacco cigars can be as deadly or more deadly than smoking tobacco cigarettes. You can read more about the health effects of cigar smoking on the National Cancer Institute website. Electronic cigars can be purchased in a disposable variety or the rechargeable variety. Some e cigars can come with a chewable tip! Now that’s a real plus since many cigar smokers enjoy chewing on the end of their cigar.

Even though a cigar smoker loves the smell while they’re smoking, usually not that many people around him or her do. Some people like the smell of a good cigar while others don’t think there is such a thing as a good smelling cigar at all!

So, if cigars aren’t you’re thing but pipe smoking is, then you will be glad to know that there are electronic vaping options available in e pipes too!