Like tobacco… but better

E Pipes For Pipe Smokers

Pipe smokers always seem to have an air of distinction and intelligence about them, at least that’s what some people think. People that smoke a pipe always seem to be so relaxed when they are indulging in that particular activity! It’s is very nice that now they too have an electronic option in the e pipes that are available.

Take a look at an example of an e pipe starter kit below just to give yourself an idea of what they look like and how most of them work:

For some odd reason pipe smokers might think they they, like cigar smokers, are fairly exempt from serious health issues from tobacco because they may not inhale the tobacco smoke. They might also believe this because pipe and cigar smokers don’t generally sit around with one in their hand off and on all day like tobacco cigarette smokers.

Sadly, the health risk for pipe smokers is as great in many cases as for cigarette smokers. Some pipe and cigar smokers might not inhale the smoke, but they still inhale some smoke and they can’t escape the risk of mouth cancer and tooth and gum damage.

No matter if you are a regular pipe smoker or if you only indulge in a bowl occasionally, the e pipe is well worth checking into because there are benefits like getting rid of all of that hazardous tobacco chemical content and the tar that will cause you serious health issues. It just makes sense to check out alternative vaping options like the e pipe, e cigar or e cigarettes as a great way to still enjoy your pass time, but be kinder to your body!