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Tips About Your E Cigarette Batteries

The batteries that come with your e cigarette starter kit are essential in the operation of the e cig. No battery, no e cig.

It is all too annoying when you start to use your e cigarette and discover you don’t have a charged battery at all! You are supposed to have at least 2 batteries on hand at all times so this dilemma doesn’t happen, but it’s easy to run one of your batteries down and forget to put it on the charger.

Then, it could be that you put your extra battery on the charger, but for some reason it didn’t charge. Then too you are stuck with 2 dead batteries.

The simple solution of course is to have at least 3 or 4 batteries and then you should be good for any problem that comes up. Since some companies charge from around $10 bucks and on up to $20 bucks or even more, buying extra batteries isn’t so cheap. Always pay attention to any specials going on with the company you buy from. With a lot of companies you can purchase 3 or 4 packages of cartomizers at a time and get a free battery. Many starter kits come with more than 2 batteries, so if you haven’t yet ordered a starter kit, keep the batteries you get in mind.

Charging Your Batteries

At the top of the page the picture shows batteries that you get in most standard e cig kits. Some companies offer you different sizes of batteries that last longer than others. Check out the comparison below of some batteries from v-2 that fit their standard kits:

V-2 Standard Cig - Charge Time 2-3 Hours

V-2 Standard Cig – Charge Time 2-3 Hours

 V-2 Shorty Cig  - Charge Time 2 Hours

V-2 Shorty Cig – Charge Time 2 Hours









These are only 2 examples of the battery choices that are available. There is an another V-2 Long Cig battery that supplies even longer life, but must charge for 4 hours.

When you get outside the standard e cig batteries and get into the tank style e cigs, the batteries can look different and provide more puffs per charge depending on the mAh of the battery you buy. for example:

The V-2 batteries above are:

mini 150mAh    Standard 250mAh     Long 380mAh

titanium-batteryFor the Triton Tank batteries by the Halo e cig company you can get battery strengths from:

400 mAh – 480 puffs/charge
650 mAh – 780 puffs/charge
900 mAh – 1000 puffs/charge
1300 mAh – 1350 puffs/charge

So you can see the higher the mAh factor is, the more puffs you get from a battery. These details sound complicated to new e cig buys, so it is a good idea the first time you order to perhaps call in your order and speak with a customer rep to get assistance in comparing how much you are accustomed to smoking in a day  and what you lifestyle is like to determine which battery type will suit you best.

Another point to remember is that different e cig chargers don’t work with all batteries. So if you have a charger from a different e cig kit lying around, even if the battery fits it’s no guarantee it will work and could even damage a perfectly good battery.  Always use the charger that is made for your specific battery or check with the company you bought the battery from to find out if a different charger is compatible with your battery or not.

Final Note:

You should always follow the charging instructions provided with your starter kit in order to get the longest life from any battery. You must keep your batteries dry and clean as well. Sometimes dropping a battery can cause it to stop working. Keep your e cig batteries in a safe place when not in use. Purchasing a case or using the storage box your kit came in is ideal to prevent you batteries from becoming damaged unnecessarily. Also, all batteries must be replaced at some point, none of them last forever!