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How To Use E Cigarette Drip Tips



Dripping is a term referring to placing e liquid drops directly onto an e cig atomizer and is can be done with traditional e cigs or with a mod e cig. Since dripping can be done in a few different ways, it is better to show you how it is done in a video rather than trying to explain it in words alone.

This first video is from Vape Life and it shows the variety in drip tips that they have available:

Vape Life Drip Tips

Now that you know what a drip tip can look like, here is the next video that shows you how to use them with a traditional e cigarette:

Now, here is how to use a drip tip with an e cig mod:

Of course, there are many more e cig mod styles out there, tubes and boxes alike. If you want to get even more information about drip tips  you can visit My Vapor Store and see a huge variety of drip tips!