Like tobacco… but better

Using Tobacco With A Vaporizer



For the most part our website is about using electronic vaping products that don’t use any tobacco at all, but a vaporizer is a little different because you can use real tobacco. Some people really have a hard time giving up real tobacco, but using a vaporizer makes it a lot better.

When using a vaporizer, you still aren’t burning the tobacco plant material and there is a limited smell that can comes from it. There are large models of vaporizers that you can buy, but there are also smaller more portable models that look a lot like a more modern e cigarette like the one in the video below. Take a look!

As the guy in the video said, it is not the same a vaping e liquids, but you will get great flavors. Also in another video below, this gentleman talks about not being able to use his e cigarette because he developed an allergic reaction to the e liquids. Allergic reactions to e cig e liquid is rare, but it has happened.  Take a listen to the next video to determine how to know how much tobacco is used in a vaporizer:

Before you decide that using a vaporizer might be a good choice for you, you should find out what the best vaporizers are and which style and size will suit you best. It could be that you too are someone that doesn’t care for e cigs or e cigars and perhaps using real tobacco, only in a different way, is right for you personally. This particular vaporizing option might really appeal to e pipe smokers too because you do have to pack the tobacco into the vaporizer similar to the way a pipe smoker has to do.  Lots of people use vaporizers for their tobacco and find them to be an excellent choice over burning tobacco and breathing the real smoke.